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Virtual World Oceans Day

Gundalow Company
60 Marcy Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801
United States

Join the Gundalow Company as Dr. Jeffrey M. Schell recounts the joys, triumphs, and hardships of conducting science under sail with Sea Education Association (SEA). With Jeff as our guide we will voyage around the world’s oceans with Sea Semester students as they:

  • Record humpback whales singing on Silver Bank
  • Discover a lost species of Sargassum threatening the Caribbean
  • Swim with sharks while studying the second largest coral bleaching event ever recorded
  • Hunt for “Meddies” (deep water eddies important for climate change research) in the Gulf of Cadiz
  • Sea Semester students ‘learn the ropes’ as they navigate life onboard a tall ship during pleasant sailing breezes, sudden squalls, and looming storms as they strive to accomplish their research goals and ultimately discover what it means to be a good shipmate.

Jeffrey M. Schell is a professor of oceanography with Sea Education Association (SEA) a renowned study abroad organization that prepares college students to become the next generation of marine environmental leaders. SEA offers Sea Semester academic programs in marine environmental studies. Since 1994 Jeff has guided students through the challenges of oceanographic field research toward the thrill of discovery while sailing on onboard the tall ships RV Westward, SSV Corwith Cramer and SSV Robert C. Seamans. Jeff has taught 40 Sea Semesters programs, logged over 1,600 days at sea, and sailed over 75,000 nm. Jeff’s research interests include biogeography of zooplankton communities, ecology of the Sargasso Sea, and response of coral reef ecosystems to climate change and pollution.

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