The photo contests run quarterly. Entrants get a chance to show their work and win a prize. Winners receive a gift certificate to the contest’s sponsor, the Portsmouth Gas Light. Submit a photo here. Photo contest rules are as follows:

  • The winning images are selected on the basis of creativity, composition, subject matter and technical merit.
  • Contest deadlines are the last day of each season.
  • Limit of three entries per person.
  • Photographers can submit a Web address or other credit line.
  • Photos must have been taken in past year.
  • Location at which photo was taken must be identified (name of town, beach, park, etc.)
  • Watermarks must be removed before submission.
  • To be eligible to win, images must have been taken within the Seacoast region.
  • To win, images do not have to have a seasonal theme. That is, while the contests are seasonal, fall foliage photos will not necessarily win the fall contest.
  • No personal photos.
  • No pet portraits.
  • Winners are ineligible to win again for the following six months.
  • Resizing your images is not necessary. For photographers who do want to resize their own images, horizontal images should be 820 pixels wide. Vertical images should be 820 pixels tall. Larger images allow the option of presenting the photo in a larger format if larger images become the standard in the future.
  • The person submitting the image must be the photographer or have the permission of the photographer to enter the photograph in the contest.
  • By submitting an image you own, you are granting the right to use the image at and its related sites and ventures.

Thank you for reviewing the photo contest rules. To see past submissions to’s quarterly photo contest, click here.