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While the COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on all our lives, it has taken an especially heavy toll on working artists and arts-industry professionals. They’ve seen their livelihoods threatened by venue closures and event cancelations, and they need our help. Below is a list of Seacoast arts professionals who have lost revenue due to the coronovirus, and how you can contribute to them directly. This page will be updated as we continue to vet applications. If you are an arts professional and need help, submit an application.

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Artists & Arts Professionals:

Jason Anick
jason anick

Musician from Kittery, Maine

Income loss: $2,800

Numerous performances canceled in March and April.

VENMO ID: @Jason-Anick

I had a number of tours planed for this spring with various groups that I lead that all got wiped out due to this pandemic. I am lucky enough to at least have a part-time gig teaching at the Berklee College of Music in Boston that has switched to online learning until next semester. My performances both in the Seacoast area and abroad, though, constitute around 60 percent of my total income each month so any assistance would be extremely generous and helpful!

Dan Beaulieu
dan beaulieu

Director, actor, educator, writer from Portsmouth, N.H.

Income loss: $3,000

100 percent of the gigs I had lined up as a director and actor have been cancelled. My “safety job” for the past 15 years when artistic times got tough is in the restaurant industry, which has also been hit hard by COVID-19.

VENMO ID: @Daniel-Beaulieu
INSTAGRAM: @DanBeauKnows
TWITTER: @DanBeauKnows

After 10 years of splitting time between New York City and Portsmouth, I returned “home” this past fall to put my full focus into being an artist full-time. There were significant life changes involved leaving a steady source of income, but the possibility of Life as an Artist was too good to miss. Enter COVID. I remain hopeful, if not downright optimistic, about the possibilities as a writer during this period of isolation, innovation, and contemplation. That optimism is balanced by a healthy dose of fear.

Billy Butler
billy butler

Musician, actor, technician from Somersworth, N.H.

Income loss: $3,000

All of my band gigs where cancelled. An acting gig at the Rochester Opera House has been cancelled as well. Acting is my main source of income so beyond April I have nothing else lined up.

VENMO ID: @billybitter

Jim Dozet
jim dozet

Musician from South Berwick, Maine

Income loss: $1,500

I have lost numerous gigs at a variety of bars and restaurants. Such venues include: The Dolphin Striker, The Press Room, Rudi’s, Umami, Corner Point Brewing, Lilac City Grill, Magrilla’s, Book & Bar, The Blue Mermaid, etc. All gigs lost due to closure of the venue.

VENMO ID: @Jim-Dozet

Edrie Edrie
edrie walter sickert

Musician and artist from Townsend, Mass.

Income loss: $6,250

Gig at the Hard Rock Cafe Boston cancelled as well as two private parties and a product launch.

VENMO ID: @Sarah-Edrie

We make 100 percent of our income doing music and art and the next 3-5 months of income got cancelled in 48 hours. We’ve rallied and are doing live shows on the Internet, but the loss of income is devastating. We’re also seeing our favorite venues close — it’s a very scary time for the arts.

Thomas Forbes
thomas forbes

Musician and producer from Newmarket, N.H.

Income loss: $3,000

All Harsh Armadillo & Teeba shows have been cancelled. Studio session work and beat/production sales have stopped because everyone is out of work.

VENMO: @Thomas-Forbes-
INSTAGRAM: @teeba_forbes

Although we as creatives are able to stay creative by staying at home, this virus is having a huge impact on money being transferred for personal services, which is how I make a large percentage of my income. Band shows, DJ gigs, studio session work, beat sales and further opportunities for licensing and publishing have come to an abrupt halt.

Dave Gerard
dave gerard

Musician from Durham, N.H.

Income loss: $3,100

My only source of income is live performance. ALL shows canceled.


I have been a full time musician since the late ’80s. I have done some teaching and other areas of music over the years, but performance is my sole form of income. I have been blessed for this to be the case. My only other skill is cooking… and obviously there are no jobs in that field now as well. I play in solo and duo settings as well as with my band Truffle. We have toured all over the country with many wonderful international acts. I now perform in New England, Colorado, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Cecelia Hay
cecelia hay stone church

Bartender at the Stone Church Music Club from Newmarket, N.H.

Income loss: $8,000

All events/music canceled at The Stone Church. Could not stay open based on “takeout/delivery.”

VENMO ID: @Cecelia-Hay

I love my job and everything it brings me! Music, friends, community, purpose. I’m not only devastated that the Church had to close but I’m sad for the community that was centered around The Stone Church. I’m also sad that I pay $600 a month in loans.

Anything you could do to help my coworkers and I would be amazing. Contact Jamie Dugan (bartender/manager) at 603-553-1708 and she can help distribute any money to our front and back of house teams!

Sammie Haynes
sammie haynes

Musician, Music Together director, teacher from South Berwick, Maine

Income loss: $5,500

Cancelled gig at Book and Bar and weeks of Music Together classes canceled along with rent payments made prior to cancellations.


Suddenly all of my eight weekly Music Together classes were cancelled because of school closings and the mandate for social distancing. I lost two-four weeks of classes before my winter semester ended plus two weeks of my spring semester in April. This may go longer so it’s only the beginning. :(

One gig with my band was canceled. We don’t play much these days so it was a big loss emotionally.

Tom Ippolito

Producer/DJ from Dover/Portsmouth, N.H.

Income loss: $2,300

All shows that I was going to be playing/putting on have been cancelled.

VENMO ID: Tom-Ippolito-1

Bruce Jones

Painter from Exeter, N.H.

Income loss: $3,000

Shows cancelled, open studio tours cancelled, gallery closings.


Phil Kliger
phil kliger

Trivia host and musician from Kittery, Maine

Income loss: $6,000

Bars are closed and can’t gather teams for trivia, socializing or cavorting.

VENMO ID: @philkliger

Currently sitting at home not trivializing people Sundays at Lapanza Lounge, Mondays at Blue Mermaid, Tuesdays at Smuttlabs, Wednesdays at Empty Pint and Thursdays at Liars Bench. I love interacting with people in person and just started a new gig at Seacoast Community School playing guitar and singing songs at their preschool.

Cy Lagrassa
cy lagassa

Lighting designer from Dover, N.H.

Income loss: $4,000

Between venue closures, bands canceling tours, and the inability to travel, I’ve lost all gigs for the foreseeable future.

VENMO ID: @Cy-LaGrassa

I’ve been working in this industry for three years now. Traveling the country with bands from Trombone Shorty to local acts like The Elovators, SixFoxWhiskey, and The Kenny Brothers Band.

Matt Lister
matthew lister

Musician from Dover, N.H.

Income loss: $2,000

When the COVID-19 virus struck all of my St. Patrick’s Day gigs were cancelled, save for one brunch I had the weekend prior. My students stopped showing up to lessons. I’ve been able to recover some of my student base by giving lessons via Skype, but I did not hold on to enough students to get me through April. I make my money solely from live performances and lessons, but I’ve always managed. This is the first time, in the almost two decades that I have been a professional musician, that I do not know what to do. In the past I would just look for more gigs, but that seems to not be an option for me now.

VENMO ID: @Matthew-Lister-8

I graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2001 from the University of New Hampshire with a degree in Music: Performance Study for the Classical Guitar. I have been teaching and performing throughout the Seacoast ever since. I have several albums and a handful of singles out on iTunes, Bandcamp, etc. My arrangements and pieces have almost a million views on YouTube. My work has been in film and television, with my most recent placement for one of my works going to the Canadian television show “Letterkenny.”

Cormac McCarthy

Musician from South Berwick, Maine

Cancelled tour and performances.


I’ve lost shows and it’s difficult to book more shows when we don’t know when venues will be open again. Live performances are the major source of income for musicians.

Wayne & Kali Moulton
wayne kali moulton

Magicians, balloon artists, STEAM educators from Portsmouth, N.H.

Income loss: $7,500

School closures and event cancellations have greatly impacted our business. Everything we do relates to building community, either through entertainment or education. When news of COVID-19 broke, cancellations started immediately and continue to come in. The uncertainty of what is to come over the next several months leaves us in limbo as we wait to see if our scheduled events, fairs, festivals, classes, and workshops for the year continue to be canceled.

VENMO ID: @SagesEntertainment
INSTAGRAM: @SagesEntertainment

We are a husband and wife team dedicated to empowering our Seacoast community through STEAM education and magical entertainment. We are skilled artists. We perform magic and leverage balloons, bubbles, and STEAM education to create experiences. We inspire people to be creative and spread joy.

Andrew Polakow
andrew polakow

Musician from Newmarket, N.H.

Income loss: $1,600

I had around 10 gigs scheduled that have all been cancelled (full gigs with People Like You as well as solo gigs and various open mics).

VENMO ID: @Andrew-Polakow

This pandemic has certainly changed things for me. With all of my projects coming to a standstill and all of my income halted I’m sort of just in a phase of patience. I was just starting to gain some decent momentum and self-reliance through music. I’m worried that a lot of the venues/bars/restaurants aren’t going to survive this economic drought and that lots of my shows scheduled throughout 2020 will be cancelled.

I’m a perpetual optimist, though. Let’s all stay positive!

Chris Salemme
chris salemme

Musician from Madbury, N.H.

Income loss: $1,500

I have been relying entirely on gigs for my income. I will be losing $1,000 just for the end of March and all of April. I had gigs scheduled at The Stone Church, UNH Solarfest, breweries, coffee shops, and bars. All canceled.

VENMO ID: @Chris-salemme-1 (my profile picture is a gecko ;P)

I play drums and guitar with several groups (Clandestine, Quantum Steps Duo, Daylo) and session with various bands when they need me. I graduated UNH in December 2019 and have been relying entirely on gigs for my income since September 2019. The music community means everything to me.

Musicians spend hours booking, talking to venues, networking, etc. Let’s not forget all the practice/rehearsal hours. I will not be seeing the fruit of my labor in March/April, maybe longer.

Jenna Sarno
jenna sarno

Musician, Open Mic Host at Book & Bar, Music for Yoga from Kittery, Maine

Income loss: $4,000

In January I transitioned to playing music full time. I had gigs booked at bars, cafes, breweries, and where most of my income came from was playing for specialized yoga events. All of my gigs and yoga events for the next two months have been cancelled.

VENMO ID: @jenna-Sarno
INSTAGRAM: Jennapaigesarno
SPOTIFY: Jenna Paige Sarno

I felt optimistic making the transition to playing music full time. I had a couple of months in advance booked with gigs around town at bars, restaurants, and yoga studios. I host open mic weekly at Book & Bar which helps bring an income as well, and nurtures the both upcoming and established musicians in the area. I’m trying to be as supportive as I can to the music community while figuring out how I’m going to move forward.

Much love to all.

Jerry Short

Musician, sound tech, songwriter from York, Maine

Income loss: $900

Sound tech gigs at Book & Bar cancelled and St. Patrick’s Day gig at The Strange Brew (Manchester) cancelled.

VENMO ID: @Jerry-Short-6

Zeke Stern
zeke stern

Music producer and DJ from Cape Neddick, Maine

Income loss: $4,000

Numerous gigs and festivals canceled.

VENMO ID: @Zeke-Stern

Sending love to everyone right now. We’re stronger together and so many people have had this pandemic impact their job and livelihood. I’m proud to be a self-employed musician/DJ for the past 20 years! Music is the universal language we need more than ever.

Tim Theriault
tim theriault

Musician from Kittery, Maine

Income loss: $4,400

I play five to seven nights a week and have done this as my sole income since 1988. When the restaurants and bars had to close down my gigs were gone.

VENMO ID: @TimmyTmusic

Jerry Tillet

Ticket taker, musician from Kittery, Maine

Income loss: $2,000

Laid off. No gigs.


I’m in my 70s and am limited to work suited to my capabilities. I’m afraid I have very little social-security income to rely on, with no insurance. Just trying to make do.

Dan Walker
dan walker

Singer-songwriter musician from Madbury, N.H.

Income loss: $3,200

My full-time income is solely based on live performances. Now that all the restaurants, pubs, venues, and concert halls are closed, I am out of work.

VENMO ID: @Dan-Walker-58

Mike Walsh
mike walsh

Musician – teacher/performer/studio drummer from Manchester, N.H.

Income loss: $1,750+

So far I’ve had local performances cancelled due to closures at the Dolphin Striker, Book & Bar, and Buoy. Out-of-state performances I had scheduled at Blue in Portland, Maine, several performance venues in Massachusetts, a blues festival in Connecticut, and shows in New York all cancelled. Recording sessions I was booked for are on hold indefinitely. I am anticipating more cancellations for bookings in May and beyond soon.

VENMO ID: @Michael-Walsh-253
INSTAGRAM: @mikefwalsh

I’ve  been a Seacoast-based full-time musician for the last 25 years. In recent years, I’ve been commuting daily from Manchester as Seacoast rents are no longer unaffordable for me. I’ve lost significant income due to cancelled performances, studio sessions, and lessons. I am grateful I can still earn some income and maintain health insurance — unless New Hampshire is placed in lockdown — by teaching online lessons at Portsmouth Music and Arts Center. I have many friends who lost all sources of income.