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Raylene Sousa

Evening with Spirit

West End Studio Theatre
959 Islington St.
Portsmouth, NH 03801
United States

Join Spiritual Medium Raylene Sousa as she delivers messages of love, light and healing.

As a Conduit for Spirit, Raylene conveys communication between loved ones who have transitioned to the Spirit world and those of us who remain this side of life’s veil. Setting her intentions for healing, Raylene reveals that which will only serve one’s highest and best.

Although attendance does not guarantee a reading, it is Raylene’s hope that all present witness the healing power of Spirit. May messages between Spirit both sides of life’s veil, gift you with peace in the knowing that life, like love, never ends.

Once the mediumship messages come to a natural close, Raylene will be taking questions, and sharing answers from her experiences with the Spirit world.