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Chuck Collins: ‘Born on Third Base’

RiverRun Bookstore
142 Fleet St.
Portsmouth, NH 03801
United States

Chuck Collins discusses his latest book ‘Born on Third Base,’  at Riverrun Bookstore.

Collins visited RiverRun years ago,  talking passionately about income inequality before it became a popular topic.  Publishers Weekly praised his new book’s approach toward constructive solutions:

“Collins, born to great privilege, takes a thoughtful, well-written, and carefully researched approach to solving the extreme imbalance in wealth distribution, directed toward one- and 99-percenters alike. Refreshingly, Collins not only talks the talk but walks the walk: at age 26 he gave up his $500,000 trust fund and dedicated his life to ending inequality. 

“Collins includes 10 elements of a program for the wealthiest 1% to follow, imploring readers to connect with both “people around us” and “people who are completely different.” He makes an appeal for “humanity and empathy”, shows how he and others have worked to embody it, and reinforces the importance of this approach at the conclusion. Wherever readers fall on the economic scale, this is a worthwhile book to read, digest, and share.”

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