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The USS Albacore

Visiting Portsmouth? Check out these unusual attractions

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Incorporated in 1849 Portsmouth NH is one of the earliest town settlements in the States. As a result this town is of a lot of historical significance and makes for a great tourist destination. Keeping up with the times Portsmouth has also maintained a link with its past in this modern age.

Portsmouth has historic mansions, diverse museums, and unique attractions. There are some beautiful urban parks as well to relax after a tiring day. On top of all this Portsmouth is also a beautiful coastal destination with a mesmerizing harbour. A small town of mere 21,000 people Portsmouth makes for a perfect daycation destination.

Here we enumerate some of the unusual tourist attractions of Portsmouth.

U.S.S. Albacore

Portsmouth takes pride in being a city of Naval heritage. The country’s first Naval shipyard was built here in 1800. It became possible because the city is also gifted with river Maine alongside which the shipyard is built. The shipyard had a huge role to play in the Second World War.

The U.S.S. Albacore was in operation for most of the cold war era. It served as a research ship and most of the tasks it has performed are classified. What we do know is that it was used for experiments in code-breaking, radar, sonar, etc. It was once the speediest ship in the US Navy. Today’s top notch submarines exist because of the experiments done on the U.S.S. Albacore. The Albacore was decommissioned in 1972 after multiple engine failures. In 1985 it was brought back to its birth place Portsmouth and now sits solid ground and is open for everybody to visit.

Earth Eagle Brewings

For thousands of years mankind has been drinking beer. But the beer from the past bore no resemblance at all to what we now know as beer. Hops are considered a crucial element of a good beer but it only became popular in medieval Europe. Prior to that, Gruit ales were the fashion in which various herbs would be added to bitter the taste. Gruit is a hop-free beer and Earth Eagle Brewings is one of the few places in the US who are experimenting with it.

Museum of Dumb Guy Stuff

This place will surely kick in the nostalgia for those who went through their boyhood in the 60s. And you don’t necessarily have to be a guy to relate to this place. It contains every single piece of toy that a kid in the 60s would have wanted. Clayton Emery has built this museum in his basement collecting artefact after artefact.

An entire wall is dedicated to the superheroes from the Marvel Universe, DC’s legends and the Legion of Superheroes. Emery has set his own action figures from the 60s in stylish poses on this wall. You’ll find the Hulk, Blue Frost Giant, Ironman, Ragman, Thor, etc.

There is also a replica of the Portsmouth railway station from the 60s. It was given to Emery by a man he met at a dog park. He had constructed the train set by his hand and is now safely kept in Emery’s museum.

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