The Sound’s 2015 Rochester City Council Voter’s Guide: Ray Barnett

Ray Barnett

Ray Barnett

For Ward 1, Seat A: Ray Barnett
Occupation: Retired; 37 years government service
Prior public service: None

If elected, what would be your top priority for the city?
Reduce spending. Stabilize property taxes.

What can be done to promote more economic development in Rochester?
I think the Economic Development Commission and the Chamber of Commerce are doing a good job advertising Rochester as a great place to do business. Any commercial/industrial development must be in the best interest of the city’s long-term goals.

Has the tax cap been beneficial to Rochester, or has it inhibited the city’s ability to get things done?
I believe that the tax cap has benefited the taxpayers in Rochester. It has kept spending in check.

Do you think the city should set aside a capital reserve fund to repair/expand its school buildings?

What can be done to revitalize the downtown and promote a more vibrant arts scene?
Continue to support property and business owners to invest in the downtown area.

What is the most important issue facing Rochester that city officials are not yet talking about?
Reduce spending.