Portsmouth election results
Candidates and their supporters hold signs outside the Connie Bean Center in Portsmouth on Nov. 7.

Portsmouth election results

Results from the Nov. 7 municipal elections in Portsmouth

The Portsmouth election results are in.

Below are the official results of the Nov. 7 municipal elections for City Council, School Board, Police Commission, and Fire Commission. Results of the two charter questions will be updated as soon as they are available.

Portsmouth City Council (nine seats)

Jack Blalock (3,246 votes, mayor)

Cliff Lazenby (2,850 votes, assistant mayor)

Doug Roberts (2,524)

Nancy Pearson (2,520)

Josh Denton (2,505)

Chris Dwyer (2,505)

Rebecca Perkins Kwoka (2,440)

Ned Raynolds (2,074)

Rick Becksted (1,818)

Peter Whelan (1,723)

Brian Kelly (1,553)

Paige Trace (1,501)

Brenna Cavanaugh (1,501)

Paul Mannle (1,399)

Elizabeth “Beth” Moreau (1,305)

Chase Hagaman (1,301)

Jason Walls (869)

Scott Forte (864)

Portsmouth School Board (five seats)

Nancy Novelline Clayburgh (2,913)

Kristin Jeffrey (2,416)

Tara Kennedy (2,313)

Jeffrey G. Landry (2,104)

Brian French (2,102)

Portsmouth Police Commission (two seats)

Jim Splain (3,047)

Joe Onosko (2,335)

Arthur Hilson (858, write-in)

Portsmouth Fire Commission (two seats)

Dickie Gamester (2,653)

Jennifer J. Mother-Matthes (2,555)

Charter Question 1

Regarding campaign contributions/expenditures. YES: 4,114    NO: 508

Charter Question 2

Regarding financial disclosure. YES: 3,759     NO: 821

Voting Statistics

New registered voters: 192

Total registered voters: 18,127

Ballots cast: 5,050

Percentage voted: 27.9 percent

(Percentage voted in 2015: 28.6 percent)

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