Portsmouth City Council Voter's Guide

2017 Portsmouth City Council Voter’s Guide

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Candidates answer questions in advance of the Nov. 7 election

On Tuesday, Nov. 7, voters in Portsmouth will elect members of the City Council, School Board, Police Commission, Fire Commission, and other offices. Nine city councilors will be elected, and the top vote-getter will be named mayor. PortsmouthNH.com’s 2017 Portsmouth City Council Voter’s Guide is here to help inform voters about the candidates before they head to the polls.

PortsmouthNH.com distributed a questionnaire to all 18 council candidates. Some of the questions were suggested by users of the site, while others were generated by staff. Sixteen of the 18 candidates participated in the survey; you can read their responses by clicking on the links to their names below.

Candidate Brenna Cavanaugh declined to participate, citing time constraints. Candidate Rick Becksted did not reply to messages left by phone or email.

For information about polling hours, voting locations, voter registration, and more, contact the city clerk’s office.

Jack Blalock

Josh Denton

Chris Dwyer

Scott Forte

Chase Hagaman

Brian Kelly

Rebecca Perkins Kwoka

Cliff Lazenby

Paul Mannle

Beth Moreau

Nancy Pearson

Ned Raynolds

Doug Roberts

Paige Trace

Jason Walls

Peter Whelan