The cable layer Responder. photo by John White

Port Watch: Week of April 15

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An update on vessels arriving at the Port of New Hampshire

A cable ship arrived in Portsmouth Harbor Monday morning and another is expected to join it in the afternoon. At least one other vessel will follow later in the week. Here are the details.


Type: cable layer
Arrival: April 15
Flag: Marshall Islands
Cargo: cable
Terminal: Tyco
Deadweight: 10,144 tons
Length x breadth: 139 x 21 meters
Year built: 2001


Type: general cargo
Arrival: April 15
Flag: Panama
Cargo: cable
Terminal: Tyco
Deadweight: 16,969 tons
Length x breadth: 132 x 23 meters
Year built: 2016


Type: tug
Arrival: April 17
Flag: United States
Cargo: diesel
Terminal: Irving
Deadweight: 749 tons
Length x breadth: 38 x 12 meters
Year built: 2000

Information via Portsmouth Pilots and Note: Ship schedules are subject to change. To see other installments of Port Watch, click here.