Get fit playing lacrosse

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Many people choose team sports as their exercise option. Many parents encourage their children to play team sports. Lacrosse is incredibly popular and this popularity is growing.

You can get fit playing lacrosse. It has a number of health benefits as we are going to explain in this article. We hope that this article inspires you to check out your local league. We’re hoping it inspires you to give lacrosse a go. We’ll first focus on the strength and cardiovascular benefits of lacrosse – those benefits that will help you get fit. We’ll then also look at 3 other key healthy benefits you get from playing lacrosse.

Check out the benefits of lacrosse below.

Lacrosse provides you with a full body, strengthening workout.

Lacrosse will work out every muscle group. Playing lacrosse will strengthen arms, legs and your core. Your arms get a workout from passing and shooting. Even just carrying your lacrosse stick and cradling the ball will increase your strength. Passing and shooting requires a wide range of motion that will strengthen your muscles. Your core will get a workout because of the agility and balance required as you maneuver around your opponents to take your shot or make your passes. You are unlikely to be standing still for long on a lacrosse field. With all the running you do, your legs will get a strong workout.

Lacrosse provides you with an excellent cardiovascular workout. 

A lacrosse field is 110 yards long and 60 yards wide. Games can last from 60 to 120 minutes. Players are generally never standing still. Lacrosse players get a great cardiovascular workout from running backwards, forwards and across the field as they look to move the ball up the field and allow their forwards to have a shot on goal. This running ensures lacrosse players build their cardiovascular endurance. It increases the stamina of players and boosts their heart and lung capacity. You also get the benefit of burning hundreds of calories.

Lacrosse players also participate in a number of conditioning drills to improve their cardiovascular fitness.

As you’ve seen from the two points above, you will get fit playing lacrosse. But, as we mentioned in the introduction, there are also a number of other health benefits you will gain from playing lacrosse.

Lacrosse increases players coordination

Lacrosse is a highly skillful game. At the top professional levels the players make it look easy. They swiftly move the ball from end to end whilst avoiding defenders that are trying to steal the ball away from them. Lacrosse players constantly work on their hand eye coordination and work hard on increasing their fine motor skills. Players use tools like this to increase their skills and boost this coordination.

Playing lacrosse teaches discipline

Lacrosse players spend hours honing their craft. They exercise regularly and spend hours training. They work hard to improve their skills and fitness in an effort to get an edge over their opponents. Focused and dedicated, regular practice in an effort requires discipline.

They are disciplined in other areas off the field and when they are not training. Lacrosse players eat a nutritious diet and make sure they are well hydrated. They get enough sleep and avoid behavior that could impact their game.

The discipline that players get from working to improve their game is a transferable skill that lacrosse players can use in other areas of their life.

Lacrosse encourages teamwork and encourages good friendship and socialization

You cannot win a lacrosse game with just one player trying to do everything on their own. Lacrosse involves players working together, knowing their role and executing it to the best of their ability. Great lacrosse players need to understand the positive benefits of teamwork. They’ll learn to work well with others to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. This is a transferable skill.

Team sport is also important for mental health. Being part of a team encourages positive social networks and support mechanisms. Positive relationships and friendships are important.

You can get fit playing lacrosse. We’ve shown in this article that playing lacrosse works out all of your muscle groups and also increases your cardiovascular endurance. There are three other health benefits of lacrosse that we have identified in this article – lacrosse helps improve a player’s coordination, it encourages discipline and it improves your teamwork and mental health.

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