Where to Play Casino Games around Portsmouth

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New Hampshire is home to many people who enjoy the thrills of gambling and when it comes to finding casino games around Portsmouth, we can help. The laws pertaining to gambling continue to change in the state of New Hampshire, so if you are looking to play casino games for real money at a land location, we provide you with the best locations where you can go to enjoy your preferred casino games.

Where to gamble in NH

The state of New Hampshire is home to many charitable casinos and sports bars, so there are some great betting options that are available and these do not require machines to operate. You will find that gambling in this state is just a mix of table games and poker.

There are currently 16 casino locations in New Hampshire where players from the Portsmouth area can visit to engage in legal gambling and play some exciting casino games. Games of chance can be legally enjoyed at the following locations:

  • Boston Billiard Club – Nashua
  • Chasers Poker Room – Salem
  • Conway Poker Room & Casino – Conway
  • Dover Bowl – Dover
  • The Draft Sports Bar & Grill – Concord
  • The Greyhound Casino & Tavern (aka New Seabrook Park) – Seabrook
  • The Governor’s Inn – Rochester
  • Hampton Beach Casino – Hampton
  • Keene Casino – Keene
  • Lakes Region Casino – Belmont
  • Lebanon Poker Room & Casino – Lebanon
  • Manchester Bingo – Manchester
  • North Woods Casino – Berlin
  • Ocean Gaming Casino – Hampton
  • One Lafayette Function Facility – Hampton Falls
  • The River Casino and Sports Bar – Nashua

At these locations, you will be able to play some great real money card and table games. As a general rule, slot games are not legal in the state of New Hampshire. The current gambling laws favor table games and poker and do not allow any games that use any type of machine to operate.

Charitable NH casinos

Gamblers who live in or around Portsmouth or in other areas of New Hampshire will have limited access to casino games in the state. Any operators in the state will have to be associated with various charities and causes. These will be allowed to offer casino games for charitable causes and will have a small selection of casino games and a maximum bet limit of $10 on any game that is offered.

The largest charitable casino in the state is Cheers Poker Room and Casino, which is located in Salem. Here, players can enjoy the action of 25 table games and there are no gaming machines offered. Ocean Gaming is another option where you can play card games, roulette, money wheel, and even craps.

Despite the love for gambling by many in New Hampshire the state has not moved forward with the legalization of any fully operating casino. The state is also not making any decisions on legalizing online casinos. Government officials are more focused on the offering of legal sports betting instead of casino gaming.

The state will continue to allow charitable casinos to operate, where players are encouraged to donate money with the chance of winning a monetary prize. Non-profit organizations and operators that have registered with the Charitable Trust Division are allowed to offer a limited number of games that can be played for a maximum bet amount of $10.

Online gambling in Portsmouth

At this time, the only form of online gambling that has been legalized in New Hampshire is sports betting. You will not find any online casinos or poker rooms legally operating in the state at this time. However, players who are looking to enjoy the action of playing casino games online will be able to access many offshore sites that cater to U.S. players.

You can find excellent licensed sites that accept U.S. players and these provide a great way to engage in free and real money play. You will find top-rated casino games from leading developers and will be able to play your favorite games like slots, blackjack, roulette, and so much more. Until online casinos are legal in the state of New Hampshire, offshore sites are the only option for those that wish to wager from the comforts of home.

The future of casino games around Portsmouth

In 2019, there was a proposal submitted to allow two casinos to operate in New Hampshire. This was rejected by the lower house and lawmakers voted against the bill 289-63. The strong opposition to this shows the overall attitude towards gambling in the state and players should not expect any full-service casino to start operating any time soon. The same holds true for offering online casino games operating in the state.

Currently, the only form of online gambling that is legal in the state of New Hampshire is horse racing and betting on fantasy sports. All other forms of iGaming and betting are prohibited, though this is not enforced by authorities, which means gamblers can access offshore sites to play real money games with no legal consequences.

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