Strategic Harmony by John White
The bulk carrier Strategic Harmony. photo by John White

Port Watch: Week of March 23

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An update on vessels arriving at the Port of New Hampshire

Several vessels are in port now, and at least one more is on the way early this week. Here are the details.


Type: bulk carrier
Arrival: in port, sails March 24
Flag: Singapore
Cargo: salt
Terminal: Granite State Minerals
Deadweight: 37,829 tons
Length x breadth: 180 x 30 meters
Year built: 2016


Type: bulk carrier
Arrival: in port, sails March 25
Flag: Marshall Islands
Cargo: gypsum
Terminal: Sprague River Road
Deadweight: 57,809 tons
Length x breadth: 190 x 32 meters
Year built: 2011

COHO (and Penn 92)

Type: tug (and barge)
Arrival: in port
Flag: United States
Cargo: asphalt
Terminal: Sprague Avery Lane, shifting to Sprague River Road March 25
Deadweight: 428 tons
Length x breadth: 35 x 11 meters
Year built: 2008


Type: bulk carrier
Arrival: March 24
Flag: Singapore
Cargo: salt
Terminal: Granite State Minerals
Deadweight: 39,880 tons
Length x breadth: 180 x 30 meters
Year built: 2014

Information via Portsmouth Pilots and Note: Ship schedules are subject to change. To see other installments of Port Watch, click  here.