Port Watch: Week of Dec. 12

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An update on ships arriving at the Port of New Hampshire
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It’s a busy week at the Port of New Hampshire. The Elvira Bulker and Global Sentinel, both of which arrived late last week, are set to sail this week. The tanker Iver Prosperity arrived today, and the tug Ruth Reinauer is scheduled to return to the port with the barge RTC 102 on Thursday. Get all the details below.


Type: bulk carrier
Arrival: arrived Dec. 8
Departure: Dec. 13
Flag: Denmark
Cargo: salt
Terminal: Granite State Minerals
Deadweight: 31,858 tons
Length x breadth: 175 x 29 meters
Year built: 2011


Type: cable layer
Arrival: Dec. 9
Departure: Dec. 16
Flag: United States
Cargo: cable
Terminal: Tyco
Deadweight: 8,527 tons
Length x breadth: 146 x 22 meters
Year built: 1991


Type: tanker
Arrival: Dec. 12
Departure: Dec. 13
Flag: Marshall Islands
Cargo: diesel and heating oil
Terminal: Irving
Deadweight: 37,456 tons
Length x breadth: 184 x 27 meters
Year built: 2006


Type: pusher tug (and barge)
Arrival: Dec. 15
Flag: United States
Cargo: heating oil
Terminal: Irving
Deadweight: 1 ton
Length x breadth: 36 x 11 meters
Year built: 2009

Information via Portsmouth Pilots and MarineTraffic.com. Note: Ship schedules are subject to change.