Introducing VIBBIDI, a new music-streaming platform

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I’ve been writing about music in various capacities for some 15 years now, covering local artists and touring acts who perform in the area. When I was offered the chance to write for a burgeoning music-streaming platform, I jumped at the opportunity. Lemme tell you ’bout it.

I’ve been collaborating with VIBBIDI, a free web-based music-streaming service that’s available on any device that has an internet connection. They’re currently in the process of transitioning from a native mobile app to a strictly web-based platform, and they’ve given me the chance to share a sneak-peak of the features they’ll be releasing this summer.

VIBBIDI is a unique fusion of music-streaming service and social-media platform, combining AI technology with user submissions to create an experience that is controlled by the user community. They have music videos, singles, albums, remixes, user-made cover videos, lyrics, news, and more. Plus, you can upload missing content to support your favorite artists.

But what really sets VIBBIDI apart from other music-streaming platforms is a new writing program called “narratives” that lets you voice your own opinion with absolute freedom. You can write a personal story about your connection to a piece of music, an artistic reinterpretation of an album, a divisive think-piece about the quality of an album, or really anything you can think of to describe your own feelings. Whatever story you want to tell is totally acceptable, whether it’s a hobbyist perspective or a super-professional article detailing the history of a genre.

For my first narrative, I wrote about Nirvana’s live album “MTV Unplugged in New York.” I loved Nirvana growing up, but I’d never had a chance to write about them professionally. That particular album was fresh on my mind because I had gone to see the Meat Puppets, who perform on the album, days earlier. You can find my write-up here: – narratives

VIBBIDI also has specially-curated collections of music called “themes” that are based around a particular mood, genre, time-period, and other styles. And VIBBIDI promotes user-created playlists to help everyone discover new music.

In advance of the official platform-launch this summer, VIBBIDI is running a special promotion where they’ll transfer any music, playlists, and profile details you create from the mobile app to their new web platform. Your user profile is where your music personality lives, complete with your music collections, playlists, narratives, and so on. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll put you in touch.

VIBBIDI’s motto is, “We Are Everything For Music.” If you want to give them a try, visit