Future sight

Help The Sound predict 2016

A lot can change in a year, or even a few months, or a few days. Just think — a year ago, if we’d told you that Donald Trump would be one of the leading candidates for president, you might have laughed in our face. Apart from politics, we’re optimists here at The Sound. But it’s always wise to be on guard against the unknown. It’s in that spirit that, at the beginning of January, we like to get some inside tips on what the year ahead holds.

Last year, we consulted with Portsmouth psychic Betty Lipton, whose predictions were surprisingly on target. Lipton said the Patriots would make it to the Super Bowl (they did), that Portsmouth would get a new parking garage on Deer Street (it has), and that the city would have more lunch options (hello Bubby’s Deli!). And while she also predicted a cold winter without a lot of snow, let’s be fair — nobody could’ve expected a winter like the winter of 2015.

This year, though, we want your help. We believe the collective brain power, intuition, and latent psychic talents of our readers will help us sort out what’s going to happen in 2016. To take the survey, click HERE. Submit your answers by Wednesday, Jan. 20, and we’ll print the results the following week. Forewarned is forearmed!