Future sight, redux

The Sound’s survey results are in

On Jan. 6, The Sound published a survey asking readers to make predictions for 2016. We collected responses for the next two weeks. The results are below.

Back-to-back-to-back snowstorms hammered New England in 2015. What does the winter of 2016 hold?

Even more snow: 4.3%
The same amount of snow: 13%
Less snow: 73.9%
I don’t care, I’m moving some place without snow: 8.7%

First District Congressman Frank Guinta ignored calls to step down after a FEC ruling found he illegally accepted donations from his parents in 2010. Will he run for re-election in 2016? NOTE: Guinta has announced that he will run for re-election.

Yes: 59.1%
No: 40.9%

If Guinta does run, will his long-time rival and former First District Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter defeat him? 

Yes: 86.4%
No: 13.6%

Increasing the minimum wage has been a hotly-debated topic in this year’s presidential campaign. Action at the federal level is unlikely, but N.H. lawmakers will discuss a bill to increase the state’s minimum wage this year. What will happen?

They’ll approve a $15 minimum wage: 4.3%
They’ll approve a $10 minimum wage: 34.8%
Everything will stay the same: 60.9%

In 2015, Dover’s Strand Theater reopened as a performing arts venue. However, plans to redevelop Exeter’s Ioka Theater fell through. Will 2016 be a good year for the Ioka?

Yes! At least, someone will come up with a plan: 39.1%
No! There’s no hope: 60.9%

Marijuana legalization has been a perennial issue in the N.H. Statehouse for the last decade, and lawmakers in the House approved decriminalizing small amounts last year, though the Senate rejected the measure. Will N.H. legalize marijuana in 2016?

Yes: 39.1%
No: 60.9%

Bridge repairs have become an annual event in Portsmouth. In 2016, how many bridges in the city will be out of service for repairs?

1-2: 72.7%
3-5: 22.7%
5+: 4.5%

Hoverboards proved dangerous in 2015. Which technology or service will ultimately betray us this year? 

Self-driving cars: 30.4%
Facebook: 4.3%
Uber: 26.1%
Electronic voting machines: 39.1%

Authorities are hoping to tackle New Hampshire’s opioid crisis. Will the epidemic get worse or better in 2016?

Worse: 34.8%
Better: 34.8%
The same: 30.4%

A few new music and arts venues opened in the Seacoast in 2015. Is there enough support for live music and the arts to go around this year?

Yes, they’ll all thrive: 39.1%
No, one or two will close: 34.8%
We need even more venues: 8.7%
Only time will tell: 17.4%

Gov. Maggie Hassan is challenging U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte for a Senate seat this year. Who will win the election?

Maggie Hassan: 68.2%
Kelly Ayotte: 31.8%

Who will be elected president in 2016?

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders tied for the most votes in this poll, though each only got 13 percent. Most survey participants did not submit a prediction.

Which of the following teams, if any, will win a championship in 2016? NOTE: Sorry Patriots fans, no Super Bowl this year.

Bruins: 23.5%
Celtics: 17.6%
Patriots: 64.7%
Red Sox: 35.3%