Future of Online Casino Gaming in USA

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Like any other competitive business segment the Gambling Industry too keeps flourishing, especially in these times when staying at home has become the norm! With a gross yield of nearly $500 billion in 2019 and the trend on the upswing in 2020 as well, the United States show a huge promise for the Gambling Business with a new wave of online gambling.

Future Prospects

Despite its efforts to curtail online betting by the US government, online gambling continues rising further. Even though exact figures aren’t available on the gambling spends, it is estimated that Americans wager over a $400 billion each year on sports betting solely. These figures exclude poker and casino games.

Online Casino Gaming

Having been around for over 20 years, online casino games have continued evolving and improving. As one of the fastest rising businesses in the Gambling Industry and with some stiff competition, online casinos use different technologies to serve their customer base. The future of online casinos is largely dependent on technological advancements available to them.

  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have become quite a trend, where a variety of games allow you to compete with other players in a realistic looking virtual casino.
  • Live Gaming is also much in demand which improves the overall gaming experience. Live dealers make the whole game a realistic experience.
  • Blockchain makes for total transparency in terms of casino pay-outs, game results and all the other relevant information you’d need to know as a player. Since its technology is enhanced by the use of crypto currencies, transacting on online casinos becomes easier.


As land based casinos lose business to online options, the future of sports betting and e-sports is also on the rise. E-sports have become rather prominent with sports betters taking an active interest in this segment. There are ample casinos with betting odds on esports with some of the popular choices being, DOTA 2, Go-Call of Duty and League of Legends.

Expanse of Online Casinos

Different states display different results in the online gaming business. For instance, New Jersey, has a legalised online gambling repute with an impressive growth in numbers and of course revenue. With over $200 million generated in 2016 and nearly $300 million in 2018, NJ makes for a large chunk of gambling revenue in the United States.

New Hampshire is now in line with the expanse of online gambling trend, having legalized sports betting last year, while states like New York lack even behind both Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Despite the fact that residents of New York don’t prefer gambling much, they can still explore offshore casinos and gambling sites, albeit carefully. For this purpose an online casino guide is much useful, such as the Casinomir in the UK. In America, prospective players can refer to the American Casino Guide. With strong online gambling laws and subject to its conservative opinion about the rise in gambling, New York needs to pull up its socks and change, which seems to be happening in the NY Horse Racing Realm.

To wrap up, the future on online casinos in the US is as bright as it comes, if New Jersey’s example is anything to live by. With more states opening to legalized gambling online, this wave will continue and so will the growth of Online Gambling.

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