USS Hampton arrives in Portsmouth

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Nuclear-powered attack submarine will undergo maintenance work at the shipyard

The USS Hampton (SSN 767) arrived today at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. The nuclear-powered attack submarine pulled into the port with a crew of 16 officers and 124 enlisted personnel.

While at the shipyard, the Hampton will undergo planned maintenance work and system certifications. The crew’s host community, fittingly, is Hampton.

The USS Hampton is the fourth ship or boat of the U.S. Navy to be named Hampton.¬†Hampton, N.H., is one of the sub’s four namesakes, along with Hampton, Virginia; Hampton, Iowa; and Hampton, South Carolina.

According to a press release from the shipyard, the Hampton was commissioned in 1993 and can support missions such as anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface ship warfare, strike warfare, and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance. The sub’s homeport is in San Diego. It’s commanding officer is Commander Theron Davis.

The Hampton’s eft San Diego for its latest deployment in March 2015 and steamed more than 41,000 nautical miles to execute the Chief of Naval Operations’ Maritime Strategy in supporting national security interests and maritime security operations, according to the press release. During the deployment, the sub conducted port visits in Japan and Guam.

The Hampton also participated in POLEX 2016, conducting transits, surfacing and diving operations through the ice, and tactical exercises under the ice before surfacing through the ice at the North Pole on March 31.

Nuclear-powered attack submarine USS Hampton arrives at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.

The Hampton will undergo maintenance work and system certifications in Portsmouth. courtesy photo