The Sound’s 2015 Rochester City Council Voter’s Guide: Donna Bogan

Donna Bogan

Donna Bogan

For Ward 6, Seat A: Donna Bogan (Incumbent)
Occupation: Paraeducator, Rochester school district
Prior public service: Current City Council member, Ward 6

If elected, what would be your top priority for the city?
To bring more commercial and industrial businesses to the city, as this may lessen the property tax burden. This would also benefit infrastructure repair, as there would be more business tax dollars to pay for the repairs.

What can be done to promote more economic development in Rochester?
The Economic Development Office is doing a great job with getting the word out that Rochester is a great place to bring your business. I feel we need to expand by also making affordable (not low income) apartments and condos available for the young professionals that would be employed by these future businesses.

Has the tax cap been beneficial to Rochester, or has it inhibited the city’s ability to get things done?
Both. Under the tax cap, the city cannot exceed what was spent the previous year. Having this stipulation doesn’t give leeway to necessary future spending. In contrast, having the tax cap in place prevents overspending in any given fiscal year.

Do you think the city should set aside a capital reserve fund to repair/expand its school buildings?
Yes, I do. I work in a school that needs repair and expansion. If reserve funds were in place, this work would occur sooner rather than later.

What can be done to revitalize the downtown and promote a more vibrant arts scene?
If possible, place limitations, via an ordinance, on length of time storefronts can remain unoccupied. In the past year, I have seen our downtown “hopping,” but not on a steady basis. The city needs to strive for consistency by hosting festivals, dining weeks, etc.

What is the most important issue facing Rochester that city officials are not yet talking about?
I do not know of any at this time.