The Sound’s 2015 Dover City Council Voter’s Guide: Norman Allie

Norman Allie (Ward 5)

Norman Allie (Ward 5)

For Ward 5: Norman C. Allie
Age: 55
Occupation: Program manager in medical device research and development
Years living in Dover: 1
Prior public service experience: None

As rental housing development increases downtown, what can the city do to keep Dover affordable for middle- and working-class residents?
The best way to keep Dover affordable for residents of all classes is to defend the tax cap, while considering residents’ input.  Holding to the tax cap will keep taxes in line with residents’ income.

How can the city address the impact of downshifting costs from state government to municipalities?
Anytime costs are added, it is the responsibility of the city council to thoroughly analyze all available options.  A cost-benefit analysis should be conducted for significant projects (and) the public must be kept informed of the options.  Transparency in costs will help residents understand the expenses and why they are necessary.

Would you be willing to support a tax cap override while developing city budgets? Why or why not? 
During my campaign, I have talked with many residents, some of whom are senior citizens living on fixed incomes. Some have told me that they love their home, but they are afraid that ever-increasing taxes will force them to move away. We definitely don’t want to see property taxes push people out of Dover. Unless there is a public emergency, the tax cap is our best defense against taxes that are high enough to make residents leave the city. For that reason, unless there is no better alternative to fulfill the city’s duties to the public, I will not vote to override the tax cap.

The council recently voted to approve funding for a new high school, and construction of a new police station/parking garage is under way. What should the city’s priorities be for future capital improvement projects?
Infrastructure is vitally important to any city. We need to focus on strategic development of infrastructure (such as roads and public utilities) to serve the public and attract business. We must carefully consider any capital improvement’s costs to the taxpayers, and analyze the project to be sure the benefits we receive are worth the cost to taxpayers. We must first focus on maintaining existing infrastructure to minimize costly repairs.

How can the city best address the increased costs associated with federal EPA regulations regarding stormwater and wastewater management?
The best way to address costs of any type is to complete a trade-off analysis. While we work to minimize costs, we must also comply with environmental regulations to ensure that Dover is a clean, environmentally friendly city.

What was the most recent cultural event you attended in Dover?
Apple Harvest Day.

What is the most important issue facing the city that no one is talking about yet?
The fact that property values will not continue to increase forever is something that often seems to be overlooked. Property values have ups and downs, but the city must not spend money during good times assuming that bad times will never come. Dover residents need a city that fulfills its duties to them in all times, good and bad.