The Sound’s 2015 Dover City Council Voter’s Guide: Dennis Ciotti

Dennis Ciotti (Ward 2)

Dennis Ciotti (Ward 2)

For Ward 2: Dennis Ciotti
Age: 58
Occupation: President, Defense Manufacturers Inc.
Years living in Dover: Lifelong resident.
Prior public service experience: Member, Dover planning and zoning boards; city councilor (2008-2009 and 2011); trustee, Woodman Museum; member, Cochecho Waterfront Committee

As rental housing development increases downtown, what can the city do to keep Dover affordable for middle- and working-class residents?
Dover continues to offer workforce housing, such as the old Saint Charles Church project and Park Street projects. Dover has always been pro-workforce housing and has worked with developers in this area, and will continue to do so.

How can the city address the impact of downshifting costs from state government to municipalities?
Dover can offset downshifting costs by belt tightening, combining purchasing within departments,  even neighboring towns and city’s.

Would you be willing to support a tax cap override while developing city budgets? Why or why not?
I would support a tax cap override in extenuating circumstances only.

The council recently voted to approve funding for a new high school, and construction of a new police station/parking garage is under way. What should the city’s priorities be for future capital improvement projects?
The city, I feel, needs to ensure that future spending is under our self-imposed guidelines and keeps our excellent bond rating intact. We can continue to concentrate on roads and infrastructure while staying within our means.

How can the city best address the increased costs associated with federal EPA regulations regarding stormwater and wastewater management?
The EPA’s mandating cities and towns to clean up waste water and drainage is a burden all cities must bare, and continues to be a struggle. We continually find ways to lessen the impact costs and do the required upgrades.

What was the most recent cultural event you attended in Dover?
I attended the Woodman Museums Night at The Museum this past weekend.  I also attended Apple Harvest Day.

What is the most important issue facing the city that no one is talking about yet?
That would be the need for more business and industrial areas to help sway the ratio of residential/business tax base.