Soul power


James McBride looks for James Brown and holds up a mirror to America in Kill 'Em and Leave.

Bigger than Garfield


Four years ago, Katie Hall made a joke at work. The joke? Someone should create an Internet Cat Video Festival. Her workplace? The Walker Art...

Art and vision


Nothing Brooklyn-based indie-pop band Lucius does is accidental. The band’s aesthetic is inspired by 1960s girl groups, but the quintet’s sound is pure 21st-century sonic...

Fresh films


When Telluride Film Festival founders Bill and Stella Pence moved to Portsmouth in the late 1990s, they wanted to do something special for the new...

The End of the Tour


There are few cinematic genres trickier to navigate than biopics. How can any film, no matter how artfully crafted, capture a person’s whole life in...

Mr. Holmes


Longevity can be measured in many ways. The character of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes first saw print in 1887, making him 128 years...