tanker acadian
The Canadian oil/chemical tanker Acadian. photo by John White

Port Watch: Week of April 4

Port Watch
An update on vessels arriving at the Port of New Hampshire

A couple of tankers are slated to arrive this week, and a pair of cable layers will swap places. Here are the details.


Type: oil/chemical tanker
Arrival: April 5
Flag: Marshall Islands
Cargo: heating oil & diesel
Terminal: Irving
Deadweight: 37,412 tons
Length x breadth: 184 x 27 meters
Year built: 2007


Type: oil/chemical tanker
Arrival: April 10
Flag: Canada
Cargo: diesel
Terminal: Sprague River Road
Deadweight: 37,515 tons
Length x breadth: 183 x 27 meters
Year built: 2005


Type: general cargo
Arrival: in port, sails April 10
Flag: Panama
Cargo: loading cable
Terminal: Subcom
Deadweight: 16,966 tons
Length x breadth: 132 x 23 meters
Year built: 2016


Type: cable layer
Arrival: April 10
Flag: Marshall Islands
Cargo: loading cable
Terminal: Subcom
Deadweight: 10,096 tons
Length x breadth: 140 x 21 meters
Year built: 2002

Information via Portsmouth Pilots and MarineTraffic.com. Note: Ship schedules are subject to change. To see other installments of Port Watch, click here.