tanker New England
The tanker New England visited on Easter Sunday and sailed early Monday morning. photo by John White

Port Watch: Week of March 5

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An update on vessels arriving at the Port of New Hampshire

The storm on Friday wreaked havoc with the shipping schedules in Portsmouth Harbor, and rough seas are still causing some delays. But a number of vessels are expected to arrive this week, starting with the tanker New England on Monday afternoon. Most of the dates are tentative at this point, but here’s what we know so far.


Type: oil/chemical tanker
Arrival: March 5 (sailing March 6)
Flag: Marshall Islands
Cargo: diesel
Terminal: Irving
Deadweight: 37,515 tons
Length x breadth: 183 x 27 meters
Year built: 2005


Type: pusher tug (and barge)
Arrival: March 6 (subject to change)
Flag: United States
Cargo: diesel
Terminal: Sprague River Road
Deadweight: 569 tons
Length x breadth: 36 x 11 meters
Year built: 2011

COHO (and Penn 92)

Type: tug (and barge)
Arrival: March 8
Flag: United States
Cargo: asphalt
Terminal: Sprague Avery Lane
Deadweight: 428 tons
Length x breadth: 35 x 11 meters
Year built: 2008


Type: bulk carrier
Arrival: March 11
Flag: Phillipines
Cargo: salt
Terminal: NH State Pier
Deadweight: 39,486 tons
Length x breadth: 180 x 30 meters
Year built: 2017


Type: general cargo
Arrival: TBA
Flag: Antigua Barbuda
Cargo: TBA
Terminal: NH State Pier
Deadweight: 12,744 tons
Length x breadth: 138 x 21 meters
Year built: 2010

Information via Portsmouth Pilots, Vessel Finder, and MarineTraffic.com. Note: Ship schedules are subject to change.