Photo contest: winter winners

Art announces the three winners of its Winter Photo Contest

The Sound’s sister site,, announced the winners of its Winter Photo Contest this morning. Two of the images capture tranquil sunset scenes, while the other shows an intrepid surfer braving harsh winter conditions.

The winning photographs are “The Port, Portsmouth” by Charles Cormier, “Blizzard Surfing, North Hampton,” by Victoria Greene, and “Snowmelt at Sunset, Fort Foster,” by Ben Raymond.

Cormier’s photo shows Portsmouth Harbor beneath a dazzling pink and violet sunset, with a colorful heap of ropes in the foreground, docked fishing boats on the left, and the illuminated Memorial Bridge in the distance. Green’s photo features a surfer in a wetsuit riding a large, wind-whipped wave as it crests during a blinding snowstorm. Raymond’s photo depicts a bright sunset reflected in the snowmelt along the length of a dock at Fort Foster in Maine.

The winners were chosen by a panel of five judges that includes three administrators and two professional photographers, Anna Solo and Michael Sterling. Each winner receives a gift certificate provided by the contest’s 2017 sponsor, the Portsmouth Gas Light Co.’s photo contest runs quarterly, with the submission deadline landing on the final day of each season. Photos are posted throughout the year on the site’s homepage and its photo pages. Though the site accepts and publishes photos from around the Northeast, only photos taken on the Seacoast are eligible to win. Winning photographers are not eligible to win again for six months.

The winning photos from the winter contest are below. All the winter submissions can be viewed here. To see the contest rules, click here; to submit a photo for the spring 2017 contest, click here.

"Snowmelt at Sunset, Fort Foster" by Ben Raymond

Snowmelt at Sunset, Fort Foster by Ben Raymond

"Blizzard Surfing, North Hampton" by Victoria Greene

Blizzard Surfing, North Hampton by Victoria Greene

"The Port, Portsmouth" by Charles Cormier

The Port, Portsmouth by Charles Cormier