Now Read This: July

Top 10 books to watch for this month

A new batch of books is set for release during the month of July. Check out our selections for the top-10 most anticipated titles coming out this month.

You Will Know Me
by Megan AbbottYou Will Know Me by Megan AbbottKatie and Eric Knox have a singular goal: Help their gymnast daughter, Devon, achieve her dreams of making the Olympics. But when a death rocks their small community, they are about to learn they may not know their neighbors — or anyone — as well as they think they do. The always amazing Abbott delivers another delightfully nasty and fun tale.

The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet
by Becky ChambersThe Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky ChambersLike space? Like fun? Then this is the perfect book for you! Self-reliant, shy Rosemary Harper doesn’t have much experience on spacecrafts when she joins the crew of the Wayfarer, but she soon falls into the busy rhythm of the ship. And as she and her ragtag group of coworkers explore the dark depths of space, Rosemary learns that trust and love are what she needs to survive.

The Devourers
by Indra DasThe Devourers by Indra DasIntrigued by the seemingly unbelievable stories of a mysterious stranger, a college professor in India agrees to transcribe a collection of battered documents that finish the man’s tale. What the professor learns is bigger than anything he could imagine: the story of a race of people, both human and beast, who lived in India in the 17th century. This novel is wildly inventive and fun.

Here Comes the Sun
by Nicole Dennis-BennHere Comes the Sun by Nicole Dennis-BennDennis-Benn’s heartbreaking debut is about an ugly side of a beautiful place. Jamaica is known for its beautiful beaches, but for Margot, it is a place of hardship, one where she must sell herself to afford to send her sister to school. When an opportunity arises to make big changes in her life, Margot jumps at the chance. But she will also have to face a secret: her forbidden love for another woman.

An Innocent Fashion
by RJ HernándezAn Innocent Fashion by R. J. HernandezElián San Jamar has always wanted more than to spend his life in his working-class hometown in Texas. A full scholarship to Yale brings him the opportunity to reinvent himself, and after four years of school, he lands the job of his dreams: a position at a prestigious fashion magazine. But Elián has to start at the bottom, and he soon learns that having everything you want — and hiding who you really are — is more work than he ever imagined.

The Wolf Road
by Beth LewisThe Wolf Road by Beth LewisElka doesn’t know a time before the world was ruined. Trapper took her in when she was 7 and taught her how to survive in a brutal, unforgiving landscape full of violence and danger. But when she decides to find her real parents in the frozen north, her teacher becomes her enemy, and Elka must use everything she learned to outsmart and escape him. A fantastic post-apocalyptic tale of cat and mouse.

A Very Special Year
by Thomas MontasserA Very Special Year by Thomas MontasserFans of “The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry” and “The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend” will be sure to love this charming tale of a young woman who takes over her aunt’s bookstore where she learns she loves being a bookseller — and discovers a mysterious, unfinished manuscript.

The Unseen World
by Liz MooreThe Unseen World by Liz MooreAda Sibelius was raised and homeschooled by David, her mind-bogglingly brilliant, socially awkward scientist father. He teaches her in his Boston lab, where he also works. But when something goes wrong with David’s brain, it is up to Ada to figure out what he was working on and unlock the secrets of his past. Moore, the author of “Heft,” has written another gem.

The Inseparables
by Stuart NadlerThe Inseparables by Stuart NadlerHenrietta has lost her husband, and most of her money, so she agrees to let her publisher reissue a trashy bestseller she published decades earlier to help pay the bills. At the same time, her grown daughter, Oona, has left her husband and moved into the house Henrietta was desperately hoping to sell. But Oona is having too many problems with her own daughter to focus on helping Henrietta. “The Inseparables” is a funny, moving look at family and secrets in the digital age.

This Must Be the Place
by Maggie O’FarrellThis Must Be The Place by Maggie O'FarrellO’Farrell is a fantastic writer, and she does not disappoint with her hilarious and charming new novel about a New Yorker living with his wife in Ireland. His tumultuous life is about to get even messier with the return of a woman he hasn’t spoken to for two decades. An incisive look at marriage and true love, and what it means to lose yourself with age.