Into the future

The Sound will soon transition to an online-only publication

After The Sound became a reality in late 2014, Wednesday quickly became our favorite day of the week. That’s when a stack of newspapers arrives at the office, and we can pick them up and hold them in our hands. After laboring over every word and image on a screen, it’s rewarding to see how the printed product turns out each week. Thanks in large part to our talented art director, Alyssa Grenning, it never disappoints.

But print limits our reach and resources. More readers are accessing information online, and more businesses are marketing themselves digitally. This creates real challenges for those who stand by print — especially free, independent media like The Sound.

Following the issue of April 27, The Sound will suspend its print product and become an online-only publication. We’re making big improvements to our website at, and we look forward to introducing readers to the upgraded site later this spring.

Though we’ll miss seeing The Sound in print, we’re excited about the opportunities this transition affords. We’ll be producing more content than ever — feature stories, breaking news, arts updates, unique columns, opinion pieces — and we’ll be able to post it all in a more timely fashion.

Though this is a dramatic change, it does not alter our mission or dedication to quality. In fact, it will help us better inform Seacoast readers on a daily basis. We’ll become even more relevant and help generate more meaningful community conversations. Additions to our website will keep our loyal readers coming back, while at the same time expanding our audience, which is a benefit to advertisers, as well.

We’re not abandoning print entirely — we’ll still be putting out seasonal print publications like Style Queue Magazine (which hits shelves for the first time next week), as well as The Beer Journal and more.

We look forward to discussing future endeavors with our readers, advertisers, and other business partners. We’re available any time to hear your thoughts and answer your questions.

Thank you for continuing to read and support The Sound. Our best work is still ahead.

Matt Kanner
603-373-0499, [email protected]