Coming home

The aRtPM Challenge brings Seacoast artists together

The aRtPM Challenge began as a direct response to the RPM Challenge. The original founders (myself, Alex Mead, Chloe Kanner, and Tristan Law) thought it would be lovely to have a visual arts parallel to the February challenge. It’s simple: you make one piece of art during the month of February and drop it off at Buoy Gallery in Kittery, Maine, on March 1.

Like RPM, everyone is welcome in the aRtPM Challenge. Complete novices are invited to sit at the table with some very talented emerging and established artists. We’ve created a field of anti-competitiveness. This challenge is only to the individual. We ask you to make only one piece of art — but it should be your personal best.

Who takes up the challenge? A third of our participants have never shown publically before. Some have never made art before, and that takes some serious courage. I commend these people above all others.

Another third is emerging and established artists. Some are old friends; some are new friends. Unlike music, making art tends to be a solitary endeavor, and aRtPM is a great opportunity for Seacoast artists to bond. We really need to hang out more.

The last third break my heart a little — in a good way. These are people who have had formal training but went on to do things unrelated to art. They are usually a bit older and have had careers that supported families. This platform gives them the opportunity to reconnect with something, to wake something dormant.

We encourage anyone who’s never tried to make art to make art. We encourage those who have made art for years to try something new or different. And we encourage those who used to make art but don’t anymore to come home.

Find the aRtPM Challenge on Facebook.