Caffeine and choreography


The Neoteric Dance Collaborative is offering a glimpse into its choreographic process with a new series held at Sole City Dance in Somersworth. And it comes with tea.

The first installment of Caffeine + Choreography takes place on Sunday, Jan. 18, with follow-up events on March 29 and May 3. Audience members will have a chance to meet the dancers of the Neoteric Dance Collaborative, a Seacoast-based dance company founded in 2004 by Sarah Duclos. Guests will also learn choreographic skills and get a preview of repertory works in progress.

The audience will then be invited to use its newly acquired skills to become choreographers and make changes to the repertory work. Each event ends with an improvisational dance jam.

The $10 admission price comes with a complimentary beverage from Somersworth’s Teatotaller Teahouse. To purchase tickets, visit