New Hampshire Primary 100

A brief guide to voting in New Hampshire’s 100th presidential primary
by The Sound staff

After months of town-hall meetings, national polls, debates, endorsements, mailers, TV ads, and door-to-door canvasses, New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary is less than a week away. A last-minute marathon of candidate visits will pave the way to primary day on Tuesday, Feb. 9. On that date, New Hampshire citizens will have the unique opportunity to play a major role in the nation’s presidential nominating process. Let’s make it count.

To find out when and where to vote during New Hampshire’s 100th annual presidential primary, contact your town or city clerk. For general information about voting, call the secretary of state’s office at 603-271-3242, or visit

Here are full lists of the candidates appearing on ballots for each party.

I hereby declare my preference for candidate for the Office of President of the United States to be as follows:


Star Locke (Harlingen, Texas)

Robert Lovitt (Lexington, Ky.)

William H. McGaughey, Jr. (Minneapolis, Minn.)

Raymond Michael Moroz (Colonie, N.Y.)

Edward T. O’Donnell, Jr. (Bridgeport, Pa.)

Martin J. O’Malley (Baltimore, Md.)

Bernie Sanders (Burlington, Vt.)

Graham Schwass (Haverhill, Mass.)

Sam Sloan (Bronx, N.Y.)

Edward Sonnino (New York, N.Y.)

Michael A. Steinberg (Tampa, Fla.)

Vermin Supreme (Rockport, Mass.)

David John Thistle (Manchester, N.H.)

James Valentine (Miami Beach, Fla.)

Richard Lyons Weil (Fort Collins, Colo.)

John Wolfe (Chattanooga, Tenn.)

Jon Adams (New York, N.Y.)

Steve Burke (Heuvelton, N.Y.)

Hillary Clinton (Chappaqua, N.Y.)

Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente (San Diego, Calif.)

Eric Elbot (Groton, Mass.)

Bill French (Lewisburg, Pa.)

Mark Stewart Greenstein (West Hartford, Conn.)

Henry Hewes (New York, N.Y.)

Brock C. Hutton (Linthicum, Md.)

Keith Judd (Midland, Texas)

Lloyd Kelso (Gastonia, N.C.)

Steven Roy Lipscomb (Santa Fe, N.M.)


Joe Robinson (Brookline, Mass.)

Marco Rubio (West Miami, Fla.)

Rick Santorum (Great Falls, Va.)

Donald J. Trump (Manhattan, N.Y.)

Richard P.H. Witz (Spencer, Mass.)

Jeb Bush (Coral Gables, Fla.)

Ben Carson (West Palm Beach, Fla.)

Chris Christie (Mendham, N.J.)

Stephen B. Comley, Sr. (Rowley, Mass.)

Tim Cook (Browns Summit, N.C.)

Ted Cruz (Houston, Texas)

Brooks A. Cullison (Olney, Ill.)

Matt Drozd (Pittsburgh, Pa.)

J. Daniel Dyas, Sr. (Daphne, Ala.)

Carly Fiorina (Lorton, Va.)

Jim Gilmore (Richmond, Va.)

Lindsey Graham (Seneca, S.C.)

Mike Huckabee (Santa Rosa Beach, Fla.)

Kevin Glenn Huey (Aurora, Colo.)

Walter N. Iwachiw (Sunnyside, N.Y.)

Bobby Jindal (Baton Rouge, La.)

John R. Kasich (Westerville, Ohio)

Frank Lynch (Jupiter, Fla.)

Robert L. Mann (New Albany, Ind.)

Andy Martin (Manchester, N.H.)

Stephen John McCarthy (Fairborn, Ohio)

Peter Messina (Brandon, Fla.)

George Pataki (Garrison, N.Y.)

Rand Paul (Bowling Green, Ky.)

Chomi Prag (Menomonee Falls, Wis.)