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Top reasons why everyone must visit Portsmouth at least once

Known for its historic locations, waterfront views and tax-free shopping, Portsmouth stretches across a 16.8-mile area in New Hampshire. Let’s learn about some of the best reasons why everyone must visit this city at least once.

Offers attractive shopping options

The entire downtown Portsmouth area has many cute shops and boutiques. Congress Street as well as many side-streets of the area offer a good variety of fine jewelry, antiques, books, clothing, art, local goodies and more. The centre of the downtown area has a market square, a place where all local walking tours start from. One can also explore 17th-century buildings, old-fashioned shops and galleries of the area. What’s really great about shopping in Portsmouth city is that you don’t pay any sales tax!

Its rich history

Counted amongst some of the oldest cities of the U.S., Portsmouth came into being in 1623. It used to be the epicenter for sea and rail industries, as well as an eastern seaboard focal point till the late 1800s. The first naval shipyard of the country was established in the year 1800 as Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.

Today, the city is known for its multiple attractions and beautiful historic charm. For instance, Strawbery Banke Museum is a popular family location that covers 10 acres of outdoor space and acquaints visitors with the earliest English settlements of the place, with the help of various historic exhibits and houses. USS Albacore Museum on the other hand is actually a retired U.S. Navy submarine (1953) which gives people a nice glimpse into the life underwater. To give you a better idea, here’s an account of Ethan Gilsdorf, a New York Times journalist, about 36 hours spent in Portsmouth!

portsmouth harbor

Portsmouth Harbor

Portsmouth is a seaport city which overlooks the Piscataqua River’s mouth. It’s actually a short and wide river which divides Maine and New Hampshire. One should definitely take a walk along the Portsmouth Harbour Trail, which takes one through over 70 scenic and historic locations, giving a good insight into the place’s culture and charm. One can even explore the area by boat through the Portsmouth Harbour cruises. These are often narrated tours which provide guests with information related to waterway history, folklore and local wildlife.

The beautiful Prescott Park!

Established by Josie F Prescott, a former resident of Portsmouth, this park is situated inside a beautiful waterfront attraction. It is accessible to both visitors and residents. Spread over an area of 10 acres, Prescott Park is home to many lush flower gardens, grassy areas, seating places and walkways. An ideal picnic location, the park also hosts the popular Prescott Park Art Festival, involving a number of outdoor plays, music performances and an art show, during the summer months. With New Hampshire having legalized sports betting in 2019, you could relax anywhere inside this park and place mobile sports bets on all kinds of events including football, baseball, basketball etc., thus indulging in your favourite pastime at one of the best locations in the state!

Amazing Food!

Portsmouth offers a good variety of options for both casual as well as fine dining enthusiasts. The city houses dozens of restaurants focused on all possible cuisines. For instance, Lexi’s Joint is a laid-back burger place that gives a nice twist to the classic burger recipes. You can even make your own burger here!

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