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Yoav Horesh “Home and Away” at Buoy

Kittery, ME

On Friday July 10th we are holding a “reception with distance” for a new show of works by artist Yoav Horesh. The reception will take place in the garden/chill zone that abuts the gallery. During the course of the opening we will allow a few people at a time in to experience the work. Safe. Cool. OK.

Horesh is a Boston-based artist and educator who has exhibited and taught extensively both here and abroad. He is currently an Associate Professor of photography at The Institute of Art and Design @ New England College in Manchester, NH. This will be the first time that Yoav has shown with BUOY. Here are a few words from the artist about “Home and Away” and the here and now:

I have spent most of my adult life “away.” Away from my birthplace, away from my family and away from my native culture. Until I made New Hampshire my home in 2017, the previous 20 years found me living across four continents and immersing myself in foreign cultures. At times, I felt a fleeting sense of “home,” while at other times I found myself in a strange land. This space between the foreign and the familiar is both what fuels my photographic practice and what inevitably shapes the perceptions of communities and cultures towards other strange or familiar aspects and individuals around the world.
In the summer of 2018 I went on a photographic road trip across the United States. I visited old friends that I had not seen in a long time, spent time with them in their homes and with their families. I also explored the culture and landscape of this country that I had never seen before. The strange and familiar collided, as this was a journey through the American social landscape as seen and documented by many photographers since the inception of the art. The country that has been my home for most of my adult life merged with my photographic education and influences. My personal experience through this social landscape is also a journey through the American culture and its communities.
The first half of 2020 confronted us all with health, social, and political crises that we are still dealing with across the entire country. We are re-evaluating our perceptions of “Home” and “safe spaces.” The social fabric of The American People is now being seen more clearly as a
quilt of diverse experiences and existences that is hard, or maybe even impossible to unite. The last two years in New England, and my continuous documentation and interpretation of the social and political landscape in the United States have brought many changes and challenges to my life—all strengthening my perception of “Home” right here and right now.


“Home and Away” will be on view by appointment thru August 15th. OK.