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CANCELED – Throwback Thursday: The Legend of Boggy Creek

The Music Hall
28 Chestnut St
Portsmouth, NH 03801

Considered a genuine Cult Classic, The Legend of Boggy Creek was conceived and directed by Arkansas native, Charles B. Pierce. The movie was released independently in 1972, where it initially played in sold-out theaters in the Arkansas and Louisiana areas and later went on to gross $25 million, having only been made on a shoestring.

The movie was inspired by true events that happened in the small town of Fouke, Arkansas. When people there began reporting sightings of an aggressive sasquatch-like creature known as the “Fouke Monster,” it caught the attention of Charles Pierce who turned it into a successful film that is still remembered to this day.

Daughter of the filmmaker, Pamula Pierce Barcelou, has had the film restored in top quality and will attend and tell stories and answer questions after the film.