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Christopher Volpe Sea and Shore

The Sea and the Shore

Kennedy Gallery and Custom Framing
41 Market St.
Portsmouth, NH 03801
United States603-436-7007

Through the months of January and February, Kennedy Gallery will present The Sea and The Shore, a two-month show of marine oil paintings by noted local artist Christopher Volpe. Ranging in size from inches to feet, Volpe’s paintings evolve from earlier studies and plein air work. Using the natural world as a metaphor for human experience, Volpe said “I’m painting the ocean, but it feels more like I’m trying to make these little snapshots of eternity. For me, in this series, I’m trying to express in contemporary terms what it feels like to experience our smallness in the face of the vastness of time and nature at its most elemental.”

The show’s title, Volpe explained, comes from a poem by Khalil Gibran titled “Sand and Foam,” part of which reads,“The high tide will erase my footprints, / And the wind blow away the foam, / But the sea and the shore will remain, / Forever.”