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Storytellers Showcase Simon Brooks

Storytellers Showcase

West End Studio Theatre
959 Islington St, Suite 3
Portsmouth, NH 03801
United States603-431-6644

New Hampshire Theatre Project’s 2nd Annual Storytelling Festival
Storytellers Showcase
Featuring Simon Brooks, Sean Kramer, Joanne Piazzi, Pat Spalding, and Genevieve Aichele
Sunday, February 11 at 2pm
West End Studio Theatre, 959 Islington Street, Portsmouth
All Seats $15

On Sunday, February 11 at 2pm, NHTP will host a Storytellers Showcase, featuring Simon Brooks, Sean Kramer, Joanne Piazzi, Pat Spalding, and Genevieve Aichele. Simon Brooks has entranced audiences for over 10 years. His tales, both live and his award winning recordings, combine the intensity of solo performance with the intimacy of face-to-face conversations, delighting all. Sean Kramer is an artist and teacher. He has a studio in Portsmouth’s Button Factory and teaches courses in the liberal and fine arts, including a course on fairy tales. Joanne Piazzi is a veteran teacher, seamstress, and storyteller. Her stories are often amalgams of folk tales, real life, music, humor, and something sticky to hold them all together. Joanne is the producer of the monthly “Right Between the Ears” series in Rochester, NH. Pat Spalding has written and performed several one-woman shows including: We Stayed Together For the Puppets, A Bomb In the Closet, and Dancing With Dad. For the last four years she has focused on listening to, learning from, and encouraging the stories of others. Genevieve Aichele has performed, directed and taught theatre arts both nationally and internationally for 40 years. As a storyteller, Genevieve has performed with musician Randy Armstrong for the past 20 years in World Tales. Their two CD’s have won numerous national and international awards.

Sponsors: Emilie Spaulding (Author of Red Clay Girl) and Pat Spalding (Storyteller)