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milk carton kids

The Milk Carton Kids at The Music Hall

The Music Hall
28 Chestnut Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801
United States

Waltzing into disaster and its aftermath, The Milk Carton Kids’ new project All the Things That I Did and All the Things That I Didn’t Do marks the first time that acoustic duo Joey Ryan and Kenneth Pattengale have brought a band into the studio with them. “Musically we knew we were going to make the record with a bigger sonic palette,” says Ryan. “It was liberating to know we wouldn’t have to be able to carry every song with just our two guitars.”

Since their last studio album, Monterey, life has changed dramatically for The Milk Carton Kids. Pattengale has moved to and is now producing records in Nashville. Ryan is now the father of two children and works as a producer on Live from Here with Chris Thile, the reboot of A Prairie Home Companion.

Though they didn’t approach the new album conceptually, a theme of shattered realities began to emerge out of the songs that sparked to life. Recent events provided a bruising background for the record, yet the project is somehow bigger than any personal grief. Two-part harmonies ride acoustic guitars high above the haunting landscape created by the presence of the band as if Americana went searching for a lost America.


Opening for The Milk Carton Kids

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