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looms stone church

Looms & Modern Fools at The Stone Church

The Stone Church
5 Granite St.
Newmarket, NH 03857
United States

Speaking a prayer of longing and uncertainty

Delicate ground crumbles at only the thought of steps

But the drum shows there is a path

As guitars churn and chug and swirl

Weaving the singular now…

Here is a bouquet of the gathered years

The countless unfolding of momentary togetherness

Standing in circles has been so important

To ring the bounds of the ancient well

And glimpse the divine as it slips

From the flat, black waters of the underneath

This is the sunken source of many tongues

Where our sciences and our spells are but a different variety of same


The human experience can be summed up as striving to find a balance between melancholy and joy. The tightrope of emotions is the backbone of the stories musicians have been yelling and singing on stages since time began. Modern Fools finds their place in those truths. Wandering song-writer and New Hampshire native Josh Blair has made his days revolve around music, playing shows since he was 14 is what makes this project special. Working in a supportive role made Josh understand how it all comes together. Compromise and connection. But in this role as leader and visionary Josh does more than shine, he feels settled. Finding his place within the balance of love and patience. Modern Fools understand that there’s no need to rush. We’re all unfolding each day as it happens and just trying to figure out how to survive. For Modern Fools surviving starts with melodies and chords, combined with seasoned players. If you’re looking for fellow travelers doing their best to get it right then Modern Fools are taking off and there’s plenty of room to come along.

Album releasing May 8th: “SEER” (9 song debut album)

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Josh Blair – Guitar/Vocals

Justin Gregory – Drums

Jonathan Braught – Guitar

Walker Landis – Bass

Nick Hayes – Keys