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L&L: Strengthening Your Work, Life Balance w/ Fitness & Mindfulness

Cooperative Venture Workspace
36 Maplewood Ave
Portsmouth, NH 03801

Enjoy some free Dos Amigos Burritos at our Lunch & Learn while learning how to boost your productivity and focus at work and in life!

Work & Life balance sometimes feels like a myth, and we put so much pressure on ourselves to do it right.

Learn new insights on how to incorporate fitness and mindfulness into even the busiest schedule, in ways that are rewarding and boost productivity along with your clarity of focus professionally and personally.

About The Speaker:
Jackie Lucas is the owner of EVOLVE mindful movement , right around the corner from The Cooperative Venture Workspace at 33 Deer Street. She lives in Portsmouth with her 15yr old daughter and 12yr old son, and has spent her entire life studying and practicing movement (ballet, pilates, yoga and barre, specifically). In addition, she has built a 20+ year career in the corporate communications and press relations field, in demanding roles at organizations ranging from large corporations to start-ups to agencies with a global roster of clients. 4 years ago she left her agency role and launched an independent communications consultancy, Vera Voce Communication . Last year she opened EVOLVE. The impetus for launching EVOLVE was her believe that as life evolves, so do our needs, schedules, goals, and reasons for pursuing fitness and mindfulness. She created a boutique studio uniquely attuned and supportive to lifelong well-being and strength – through all of life’s ups and downs and in the midst of everything on our plates today !