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Sue's Improv Comedy Jam

Improv Comedy Jam

3 Front St., Suite B789
Rollinsford, NH 03869
United States

Sue’s first improv jam!!! Open to all levels of experience, this jam is open to all and FREE. A donation jar will be available to any and all who want to support events like these going forward. We’re going to focus on the fundamentals of what makes a good improv scene, and help build up those core concepts. Feedback will be available to those who want it.

This space is open and inclusive to all. Comedy is often referred to as a grey area, and improv can often provide an opportunity for satire and observation about figures in our lives, so we only ask that people refrain from having their jokes “punch down”, which is to create jokes which serve to further the belittling and dismissal of marginalized groups of people. You can do better than that!