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History of Marine Mammals Webinar

Seals have been returning to New England’s coastlines, but they weren’t always this abundant. Marine mammals have historically faced threats, both natural and unnatural, and this continues today. Join us on Thursday, June 11th at 6pm as we discuss what a healthy baseline looks like for marine mammals in New England, and what kinds of modern threats we see in these populations. You’ll learn what it takes to shape a better future for our local marine life.

Register today: https://seacoast.z2systems.com/np/clients/seacoast/eventRegistration.jsp?event=4823

You’ll also have the opportunity to engage directly with the experts during our live Q&A session!


Ashley Stokes – Marine Mammal Rescue Manager, Seacoast Science Center.
Kathy Zagzebski – President/Executive Director, National Marine Life Center.
Wendy Puyear PhD – Molecular Virologist/Senior Researcher, Tufts University.

Please support Marine Mammal Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Education by making a donation when you register for this free event.

When Seacoast Science Center responds to a seal-in-need, our team transports the animal to the National Marine Life Center’s rehabilitation facility in Bourne, MA. This journey is 118 MILES, and gives every seal we rescue a second chance to live free and healthy. By donating $10.00 to represent 1 mile of this journey, you can help us reach our goal of raising $1,180 to support the rescue and rehabilitation of harbor seals this beach season! Since the start of this webinar series, we’ve raised $340. Help us complete the journey!