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Facebook Live: Meet our New Octopus Crew

Seacoast Science Center
570 Ocean Blvd
Rye, NH 03870-2104

While SSC has been closed to visitors, our aquarist team has been raising dozens of baby octopus. Mow we are ready for them to make their social media debut! Join aquarist Rob Royer and naturalist Nikki Annelli to meet these fascinating little creatures and learn more about them during our Facebook Livestream.

The species we are raising is the Two Spot Octopus (Octopus bimaculoides) and these came to us from Professor Peter Tse at Dartmouth College. We received two female octopus in senescence with eggs on March 16, just after we closed to the public. Most of the eggs hatched over the next 3 weeks so these animals are from 8 to 11 weeks old this week. They are shown here in their own little compartments in a nursery tank. We will soon be putting them into a larger tank in our Gulf of Maine Hall.

Tune in at 11 and bring your questions! We look forward to giving you a closer look when SSC reopens to the public … stayed tuned for an announcement about our plans.