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Etiquette Boot Camp

Etiquette Boot Camp for Kids

Portsmouth Harborside Hotel
250 Market Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801
United States

Do you wish your child would partake in a conversation at the dinner table instead of “bonding” with their cell phone or playing games on their iPad? The Etiquette Boot Camp for ages 7-12 will prepare your child for the next family dinner, social gathering, or formal event. Participants will learn how to start and maintain conversations with adults and peers, how to introduce themselves, when to interrupt, and much more.

Do you struggle with teaching your child table manners? Participants will learn how to set the table, use their napkin, pass food, and use utensils the European and American way. The 4-hour program is interactive, thought-provoking and fun, and will target the specific social challenges affecting today’s youth: Basic Manners, Conversation Skills, and Table Manners.