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Ecstatic Dance with ANKATI: April 24

3 Front Street, Suite B789
Rollinsford, NH 03869

A substance-free, let-loose conscious dance party like the Seacoast has never seen before, led by Ankati Day.

Somewhere in the bones of our bones, there is dance.
Not choreography – there are no steps to learn, and there definitely is no way to do it wrong. This is the free expression of everything swirling within you, and Ecstatic Dance is the dancefloor to set it all free.
In Ecstatic Dance, community is built. Rituals are discovered, Self-judgements are released. Creativity is birthed. The body moves and breathes and sweats and stomps and twirls and pulses.
And it is all welcome.
The flow of the night:
7pm: Opening Circle
7:30-9ish: Free dance, DJ set by Ankati & high vibe elixirs hand-crafted by Amylyn
9ish-9:30: Soundscape & Closing Circle

There are FOUR Guidelines:
1. Consent is the law of the land. Every dancer is welcome to their own space, so if you want to dance with someone, share a hug, or otherwise connect, get permission first.
2. Keep Conversation off the dance floor. If you’d like to chat with your friends, please take your conversation to the sides of the dance floor to the chill spaces. In the dance, we speak with our movements and our eyes and let the music be our soundtrack.
3. Leave your phones off the dance floor. No videos or photos of the dance please! This helps us all to feel safe letting loose, and keeps everyone engaged in the here & now.
4. This is a substance-free space and we hold a high value on clarity of presence. Please don’t arrive intoxicated or partake while you’re at the dance. We get high on the dance, not on drugs.
Ah and of course… have fun, and take good care of yourself! Stay hydrated, take breaks when you need them, and fill yourself up on good vibes.

Tight on funds but DYING to dance? Email [email protected] to inquire about being a volunteer at the dance. We want to make sure everyone can access this movement medicine!

About Ankati:
We are designed to orient towards embodying our fullest expression of aliveness. And this is the journey of remembering how.
We often imagine that we are these disparate parts — a human body that we walk around in, a mind that drives the whole equation, and a spirit/heart that gives us a deeper sense of purpose.
But the body is the gateway. The home. The container. And a vessel for welcoming the pleasure of Totality.
Ankati has immersed herself in the healing power of movement since she was 19. A yoga teacher, sound healer, and published poet, she is also the resident DJ and founder of Ecstatic Dance on the Seacoast of NH. She feels so inspired by bringing the dance floor on a musical journey out of the mind and into the Mystery…
Currently dancing monthly in Rollinsford (near Portsmouth), NH, with guest appearances at Ecstatic Dance Boston and POLLINATE in Northampton, MA.