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2018 Black New England Conference

Black New England Conference 2018

Holloway Commons
75 Main St.
Durham, NH 03824
United States

This year’s theme: Express Yourself – Style, Identity and Adornment

This conference is for anyone who wants to dialogue around the significance of individual and collective style as more than just a social and climatological necessity. It will be an animated and vibrant celebration of an individual’s drive to define and redefine what it means to be human.


• The Social Brain and the Creation of Black Identities
Casey Golomski, R. Kelly Cameron, Jennifer Thorn, John Berst

•African American Representation & Aesthetics in The Movie, Black Panther
Delia Konzett, Kabria Baumgartner, Lisa Simmons

• Heads up: It’s all about the Hair
Jada K. Hebra, Darina Pugacheva, Akinshimaya Nnamdi, Martha Mezzanzanica

• African American Cool: Commodification, Erasure & Appropriation
Lucius T. Outlaw Jr., Aria Haliday, Phillip Cunningham, Naykisha Head

• Strange Fruit: Exploring the Style & Art of Black Protest
Kirk Maynard, Petra May, Alexandre Thomas Enrico Riley

• The Souls of Black Folks: Stepping Forward, Redrawing Boundaries
Dorothy Clarke, Tracey Walters, Terry Robinson, Fahamu Pecou