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anti-valentine's day party slack tide womp

Anti-Valentine’s Day Party w/ Slack Tide & The Womps at the Dover Brickhouse

Dover Brickhouse
2 Orchard St.
Dover, NH 03820
United States603-749-3838

Slack Tide and The Womps perform live at an Anti-Valentine’s Day Party at the Dover Brickhouse.

Congratulations. You have survived yet another Valentine’s Day and didn’t lose your lunch as every couple on the god damn planet got googly-eyed for 24 cringe inducing hours. To honor this accomplishment, Dover Brickhouse presents: SLACK TIDE w/s/g THE WOMPS on Saturday February 15th at 8pm…

** What to bring: friends, family, complete strangers, a pair of boogie shoes, fun enhancers, a mouth to drink beer with, and some tasty new dance moves

** What NOT to bring: boyfriends, girlfriends, chocolates, flowers, DVDs of The Notebook, puppies (actually puppies are ok), or any other loveydovey crap

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