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Candidate Survey: Christopher Lloyd Young

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Portsmouth City Council candidate Christopher Lloyd Young answers questions on local issues

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Name: Christopher Lloyd Young

Age: 55

Occupation: assistant manager, Circle K

Years living in Portsmouth: 4

Public service experience: Volunteer, U.S.C.G Auxiliary; ProPortsmouth Volunteer; U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps; Sons of the American Legion; VFW Auxiliary

Q1: What can the city do to increase its supply of affordable housing?

Change zoning laws, or create an affordable housing fund.

Q2: Are there specific areas in the city budget where you think spending cuts can be made? Are there specific areas where you think spending should be increased?

I would have to review the budget to see if cuts can be made, and increases would have to be reviewed carefully as well.

Q3: Do you support a citywide ban on single-use disposables such as plastic bags, plastic straws, and Styrofoam containers?

Yes. Reducing non-degradable waste is a great first step toward becoming a zero-waste community.

Q4: Regarding the McIntyre redevelopment project:

     A) Do you support the Redgate/Kane plan?

I like it on paper, but only with a downtown post office and green space.

     B) Do you think the Council should step back and consider other plans, such as the one put forth by Bill Binnie?

I think it’s too late to realistically consider other plans, but I’d like to listen to other options.

Q5: What can be done to clean up and prevent PFAS contamination and other chemical contaminants on the Seacoast?

Water filtration for everyone affected, either paid for by the state or the federal government (U.S.A.F).

Q6: Do you feel that development in Portsmouth — particularly of luxury condos, hotels, and other large-scale buildings — should be curtailed?

No, although I don’t think developers should change project plans without consulting abutters in the affected neighborhood(s).

Q7: What are your feelings on the idea of building a permanent covered stage in Prescott Park for festival events?

It’s a good idea for the presenters/actors, and it will help protect the stage from potential precipitation damage.

Q8: Should the city add more bike lanes and/or take other measures to improve bicycle safety and/or reduce motor-vehicle traffic downtown?

Yes, Maplewood and Woodbury avenues.

Q9: Are there any significant projects that should be undertaken outside of the downtown area and Islington Street corridor?

Infrastructure (roads, water, sidewalks).

Q10: At times this summer, there were road closures on Islington Street, Woodbury Avenue (by the traffic circle), Maplewood Avenue, and other roads all at once. Is there a way to reduce the heavy concentration of road work that creates detours and traffic congestion in the summer?

No, not really, because these projects need to be done, and it makes sense to do these projects during the good weather months. It means that we all have to work together in order to get to where we’re going.

Q11: What actions should be taken at the city level to address climate change?

Develop policies and plans in order to reduce the city’s carbon footprint. The idea should be to become “carbon neutral.”

Q12: Name one of the biggest challenges and one of the biggest opportunities Portsmouth will face in the next 10 to 20 years.

Affordable housing, which I look forward to taking on.

BONUS: What are you gonna be for Halloween?

A vampire.

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