Can you legally bet online in New Hampshire?

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In 2018, the US Supreme Court legalized online sports betting. This event caused shockwaves throughout the global sports betting industry. Sportsbooks operating in the saturated European and Asian markets were amongst those most excited that the world’s largest economy had just unexpectedly opened its borders to online betting.

However, things in life are rarely that simple. What followed next was, in fact, a protracted and confusing series of state-by-state legislative processes that have now left the US with a patchwork effect of states operating at varying degrees of legislation.

The original PASPA ruling had only provided each state with the option to legalize sports betting. It was New Jersey and Pennsylvania that emerged as the frontrunners and have now the largest selection of sportsbooks.

So where is New Hampshire in comparison to the other states? Well, the Granite State officially legalized sports betting on July 12th, 2019, making it the seventh state to do so.

The law granted the New Hampshire Lottery control over all sports wagering in the state. However, sportsbooks were allowed to apply for a license agreement with the lottery in 2019, a bidding process which DraftKings won.

DraftKings, originally a fantasy sports operator, have, along with FanDuel, dominated the US sports betting market since the 2018 Senate ruling.

The sportsbook signed an exclusivity agreement with the New Hampshire Lottery, agreeing to pay 50% of their adjusted revenue from New Hampshire wagers to the state.

DraftKings is now the sole mobile and retail sports betting operator in the state. This means that they are the only licensed and legal sportsbook in the state.

To place a wager with DraftKings on your mobile you can be anywhere within state borders. It is legal to download and sign-up to DraftKings New Hampshire in another state, but you have to be within state borders to wager, deposit or withdraw money from your account.

You can also place a wager at these DraftKings retail locations in New Hampshire. These include:

  • The Brook – 319 New Zealand Road, Seabrook, NH 03874
  • Filotimo Casino & Restaurant 1279 South Willow Street, Manchester, NH 03103

Offshore sportsbooks are not licensed in the state of New Hampshire, so you should not place any wager with these sportsbooks.

You can visit BettingScanner for a full list of legal and licensed online sportsbooks in the US.

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