3 Trending Video Game Genres of 2021

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Video games have been a raging trend since the 80s. Nowadays, modern and influential advancements in the gaming industry have driven players crazy all over the world. Moreover, a lot of video gamers are in love with online gambling, for example casinos and slots. Modern online casinos include a lot of bonuses like online casino no deposit welcome bonus, first deposit and minimum deposit bonuses. Modern games fall into different categories, just like any other form of entertainment.

The categories, or “genres,” of games do not necessarily reflect their story. A genre will influence the game for its playstyle and minor interactions of the player.

With the video game industry generating increasing revenue, there is limitless scope for future video game enhancement. Some video games have mixed genres as well! For example, action-adventure, horror-action, etc.  Below, you will see the most popular video game genres for 2020.

List of Genres

  1. First-Person Shooter (FPS)

For many people in the gaming community, this video game genre is a favorite. This might sound controversial to you if you’re a third-person fan. A highly trending gaming genre for 2020, FPS games are a perfect choice for gaming “adrenaline junkies.”

In FPS games, you see through the eyes of your character (don’t worry, the character does not blink). The characters in FPS games hold a load of weaponry and tech that they use to fight off enemies and interact with the environment. FPS games become intensely addictive in an open-world scenario. Famous FPS games include Call of Duty, Far Cry, Tom Clancy, Counter-Strike, Half-Life, Left 4 Dead, and many other series.

FPS games are usually a combination of different genres. For example, the Far Cry series offers the first-person shooter with action and adventure. Other games belong to varying genres, making games fun and exciting, even if you only watch the gameplay.

2. Sports

When the word ‘sports’ comes to mind, you probably think about athletics-based games. While that’s a fair assumption, sports games feature many different athletic activities. This includes football, basketball, tennis (also in VR), etc.

Some renowned sports game franchises include FIFA, NBA Basketball, Pro Evolution Soccer, Rocket League, and others. These games offer sports fans and lovers the actual experience of sporting activities via electronic gaming. You can form teams and compete with other players online.

The real reason for such games is to simulate sports activities for people who never get bored of athletics. Games such as FIFA have been trending in the sports genre, with millions of players.

3. Battle-Royale

Battle-Royale games have made it to the list of trending genres thanks to games like PUBG and Fortnite. They successfully helped the industry generate record-high revenues. You might be amazed at what this genre of games offers.

The game usually starts on a map with dozens of people falling from airplanes. Your character dives through the sky, choosing a spot, finding loots that include different guns and accessories for your character. Then, they fight other online players in the match to win solo or as a team/ squad.

Currently, the most famous Battle-Royale games are Fortnite and PUBG. These games generate impressive revenue thanks to in-app purchases. Fortnite grosses over one billion US dollars every year, and PUBG has generated revenue of an immaculate seven-hundred million US dollars in 2017.

These games have taken the market by storm and opened up avenues for more ideas of Battle-Royale games in the industry. With an increasing number of active players of these games, the Battle-Royale games are also subject to changes, making them more fun. You can choose different maps to play and even change your character’s appearance with new accessories and outfits.


There are over 30 video game genres, and they divide into further sub-genres or combine to create new ones. A lot of online casinos like 21.com Casino are based on video games story. Moreover, casinos are additional advertising for video gaming world. All this makes video games diverse and engaging. Genres help you identify the types of games you like the most.

You don’t have to limit your gaming experience to a few genres because there are plenty of games to explore.


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