Harbour Trail Map
Section I: Downtown
and the Waterfront

Approx. 1 hour, 0.5 miles)

1 & 2. Market Square and North Church 3.The Athenaeum
4. Market Street 5. Merchants Row 6. Moffatt-Ladd House 7. Granite State Minerals 8. USS Albacore Ceres Street
10. Moran Tugboats 11. Bow Street 12. View of the
Piscataqua River
13. St. John's Church
14. Old Portsmouth
15. Harbour Place
16. Memorial Bridge
17. Warner House 18. Old Portsmouth High School
19. McIntyre Federal
20. 1817 U.S. Custom
21. Sheafe Street
22. Old County Jail

Market Square & North Church

Market Square and North Church

Market Square has been the economic and commercial center of Portsmouth since the mid-1700s. It has been a military training ground, site of a meeting house and home of the State of New Hampshire's Colonial Legislature. In 1762, it became the first area in the city to be paved, paid for by public lottery.

A fire in 1802 destroyed many buildings, but they were immediately rebuilt in brick. Today, the square's north side is recognized as one of the finest surviving examples in America of early 19th-century commercial blocks.

Towering North Church, constructed in 1854 to replace the meeting house built in 1713, dominates the eastern side of the square and can be seen from almost anywhere in the city.

Foot prints
From Market Square: Market Street

Hampton Inn of Portsmouth

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